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Terms & Conditions


By giving the consent Parent/Legal Guardian of the Participant agrees to his/her participation in taking performing arts classes at Fresco Formation including all activities incidental to it.

The agree to indemnify and hold harmless the teachers of Fresco Formation and their activity staff from and against any claims which they, any other parent/guardian, any sibling, the participant or any other person, firm or corporation may have or claim to have, known or unknown, directly or indirectly, for any losses, damages or injuries arising out of, during or in connection with the participants in the Activities (including all forms of transportation) or rendering of emergency medical procedures or treatment if any.


Parent/Legal Guardian assumes all responsibilities for, and hazards of  participation in the Activities, including transportation to and from all Activities.

They are required to attest that the participant named is in good health and has no physical or medical limitations that would cause the Activities to be detrimental or dangerous to the participant. They are required to specify relevant allergies and medical conditions on the registration form.


Parent/Legal Guardian understands that Fresco Formation does not carry any insurance relative to the activities or for any injuries that may occur to the participant. They represent that the child is covered by their own insurance carrier and that they personally and financially responsible for all medical costs incurred.


Most Fresco Formation projects are photographed and filmed for archival and marketing purposes. Images and videos may appear on film, in print, and online. In case parent/guardian doesn’t wish the participant to be filmed, they should inform us by emailing to


If the participant requires any emergency medical treatment or procedures during the activity, we require the Parent and Legal Guardian to consent and authorise the activity supervisor(s) to make any decisions and take any actions to arrange for such procedures or treatments in the discretion of the activity supervisor(s).


1. Payment

All fees to be paid in advance and are NON-REFUNDABLE.

2. Mode of Payment

Clients may pay via cash or bank transfer.

Any bank charges incurred during this process will be paid by the client and will not be a responsibility of the teacher.
An invoice will be sent to the active registered e-mail address within 7 days of signing up.

3. Attendance and cancellation

3.1 Classes that are unattended will only be reimbursed in cases of long-term illness or other exceptional circumstances. Due to the weekly schedule no make-up classes will be offered. The parent/guardian needs to inform the teacher by e-mail, providing details and including a doctor’s note.

3.2 Attendance for once-a-week enrolment is for the day specified on the registration form.

3.3 In the unlikely event that a class is cancelled by the teacher, a pro-rata reimbursement will be made.

3.4 Fresco Formation has the right to terminate enrolment with a pro rata refund in cases of continued inappropriate or disruptive behaviour.

3.5 There will be no classes during Dubai Private School holidays, mid-term breaks or UAE public holidays when schools are closed.

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