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Traning for stage, for screen, for life

Specialised Dubai performing arts school for kids led by James Cuningham, internationally acclaimed actor and director with 30 years of high-level industry expertise. Whether the student’s dream is a genuine career in the arts, confidence building, or simply exploring creative expression, all classes focus on the individual potential of each child, helping them to find their own creative voice and develop both professional and life skills. 

About Fresco

About Fresco

To provide expert, tailor-made performing arts classes for children  of drama, film and musical theatre. To allow each student to discover their unique, creative voices through exploration, play and performance.



James Cuningham has worked professionally as an actor and director across 15 different countries in over 30 stage shows and more than 25 film and TV productions. He has worked with Enda Walsh at The National Theatre Studio in London, on screen with Idris Elba and Sir Ian McKellen, and has multiple awards and nominations for his work in South Africa, Korea and the UK.

Trained at the world famous École Jaques Lecoq in Paris, James is also an experienced teacher, having taught at schools and universities in both South Africa and the UK. Many of his students have gone on to become professional multi-award-winning artists.

Performing arts academy for children Fresco Formation is partnered with Fresco Training in the UK, instructor at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in London.

Acting school & Dubai Performing arts courses for kids | Drama & Musical theatre classes


Benefits of acting classes

Theatre classes obviously have a number of benefits for children in various aspects of their lives. Expressing themselves physically and channeling emotions improves their overall well-being and enhances emotional intelligence. Scientific research shows that the performing arts classes have been proven to increase cognitive development.

Advantages of theatre classes include:

•    Creativity
•    Team work and collaboration
•    Learning to take risks
•    Discovering and learning about different emotions  
•    Physical and mental health
•    Socialising, communication skills
•    Self-confidence
•    Improving the academic achievements 


Drama classes

Drama classes for kids focuses on developing and improving skills for stage performance. Much of the program draws inspiration from James’ training with renowned theatre masters Jacques Lecoq and Keith Johnstone, as well as outcomes devised from James’ many years of working in theatre and creating award-winning, original theatre productions.

At acting courses for kids students develop skills in:

•    Scriptwriting
•    Scene analysis
•    Monologues and duologues
•    Ensemble work
•    Improvisation
•    Mime
•    Public Speaking

•    Storytelling
•    Stage presence
•    Interpreting characters
•    Comic timing
•    Creating & working with props
•    Listening and responding

Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre classes

While the «Musical Theatre Program» employs many elements of the drama classes in order to allow students to enhance their acting abilities, the focus is very much on developing and improving skills in musical theatre performance, where singing and dancing are highlighted. The program allows students to perform musical numbers from well-known productions, as well as create performances from their own choices of songs not associated with established musicals. Students are exposed to a range of set choreographies in different styles, but also have opportunities to create their own dance routines. Each class involves vocal and movement exercises to strengthen their skill-base.

At musical theatre classes kids develop skills in

•    Singing
•    Dancing
•    Acting

•    Choreography

•    Listening and responding
•    Ensemble work


Film Program

The Film Program focuses primarily on acting for the screen. Many elements of the drama classes for children are combined with different skills demanded for acting for the camera. Students are able to work on solo and group scenes from established film and TV scripts, as well as create their own film screenplays. Students are also exposed to the more technical elements behind the camera to better understand the film process, as well as to improve their own filmmaking. By the end of the Program, students will have their own performance Showreel, for presentation to agency managements.

At film classes students will develop skills in:

•    Acting for the camera
•    Screenwriting
•    Storyboarding
•    Creating characters
•    Screen presence
•    Audition techniques for Castings

•    Cinematography

•    Filming for a music video

•    Creating a film trailer

•    Compiling a Showreel
•    Sound
•    Editing


We run performing arts classes in several locations across Dubai

Please contact us to learn about the one closest to you. Acting classes for adults - by demand.

Acting classes for children in Dubai - White Studio (near Time Square Center mall) & OLYMPX dojo (near Oasis Center mall)



Performing arts school for kids in Dubai Fresco Formation runs acting classes for kids in 2 studios.



White Studio 

OLYMPX dojo 
















Musical Theatre-Junior

Musical Theatre-Senior

Junior classes: Aged 5-8 and Senior classes: Aged 9-18

Preparation for Trinity & LAMDA Exam qualifications (UK) - on individual basis. 

Acting school & Dubai Performing arts courses for kids | Drama & Musical theatre classes

What people say about Fresco Formation?

Liezl De Kock

multi-award-winning Theatre and TV Actress

Acting school & Dubai Performing arts courses for kids | Drama & Musical theatre classes
«Being a student of James as an undergraduate set the course for my creative career. I owe him so much unadulterated joy I’ve experienced as a performer.»
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